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News from Scott

Photo of Scott SeurenImagine taking a tour through a historic community where you experience life the way it was during that specific period of time. As you visit the blacksmith you feel the heat and see first- hand the creativity of the craftsman as he makes hardware from a formless piece of iron. Then you see ladies at a spinning wheel fashioning threads that will be woven into clothing, now if you go into the next room and they have todays clothing hanging on hangers with designer labels you suddenly don’t feel the same about this tour.

With that said, are you looking to create a period kitchen in your home? You know, with distressed or glaze over paint finish on your cabinetry, painfully selecting special details like bead board walls, wood floors, apron sink, period hardware, low sheen finish, pegs in the doors. The designer label in this scenario will come if you select granite or man-made granite for your countertop. The thing to remember is that shi“I have never been in a shop where I wanted everything in it before today.” ny is a new thing in homes and granite will shine. Your new under-cabinet lighting will reflect off your granite countertop and give you an unwanted view of the bottom of your upper cabinetry. Soapstone on the other hand will diffuse the light and become a subtle presence in the room, allowing you to see all of the details you have spent so much time assembling. The look and feel of soapstone is tactile and when combined with Bucks County Soapstone craftsmanship it becomes the most touched surface in your home.

We have had the privilege of hearing visitors constantly say things like;

“I have never been in a shop where I wanted everything in it before today.”

“I wish I came here before I was so far along in my project, I would have done it a lot different with what I have seen here.”

“This place is like watching 'How it’s Made' on television.”

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen and new countertops are part of the equation please take the time to visit our showroom and speak with us. Whether you are using your existing cabinetry and are looking to freshen them up with some paint and add new countertops and knobs or taking the plunge and totally changing everything you will get ideas that will make your trip worthwhile.

I look forward to seeing you soon,
Scott Seuren
President of Bucks County Soapstone Co. Inc.